Convey is a consummate speech professional. She has worked with two of my children for over three years in multiple settings and both children made great progress! She is very easy to work with and easily moves between children and adults. She is flexible and highly knowledgeable in many areas of Speech and Language. The office setting is child friendly, simple, not overwhelming and comfortable, and located in a beautiful, calm office park full of fish ponds and quaint pathways. If you have need of a professional for your children or someone you know, please consider Convey Speech. You will not be disappointed!
                                                                                      ~~CR & GR's mother


I recently went to Janet Convey for consult when I needed assistance in preparing my son's IEP.   He has epilepsy and is quite severely delayed, particularly in speech and language.  His IEP is complicated with extensive goals in speech, language and communication.   Because so much of the language in an IEP is confusing and inaccessible to the common person, I went to Mrs. Convey for advice and assistance in helping me understand his goals and what  services would be appropriate.  Having her insight going into the IEP process armed me with knowledge and gave me peace of mind that we were on the right track.   Her office is calm and inviting with minimal distraction.  Janet is warm, welcoming, accessible, honest, experienced and effective in her therapy practice.   
                                                                          ~~PB's mother


Janet is the BEST speech therapist that we have ever worked with (and we have worked with many over the years). My son has worked with Janet on-and-off again for a couple years and we continue to be impressed, not just with her results, but the way that she connects with my son. She also has coached me on how to do speech homework with him and the best way to "correct" his speech in an everyday setting.  Janet is truly gifted in how she makes speech work FUN.  She is a passionate advocate of kids with special needs and has also helped me navigate the school system.                                                                                    ~~EH's mother

I had a lisp that I could not fix through years of speech therapy in grade school, but in less than half a year of working with Janet she helped me correct my speech. She is incredibly professional yet easy to talk to, and really tailored my lessons to what worked best for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with her, and she even helped me improve in other areas such as body language and posture.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Tyler is doing great! Communication-wise he is a totally different kid compared to a year ago or even 6 months ago. He’s a non-stop talker now and doesn’t hesitate to give us his opinions on just about everything!  I appreciate your support and may just ring you should something pop up.  You are full of invaluable wisdom on child rearing and we learned a lot over the course of the year that we worked with you.

Thank you again!
                                                     ~~S, J & T